Picture object

Event Description
Picture.onShow() Event fired when the Picture is shown
Picture.onHide() Event fired when the Picture is hidden
Picture.onClick() Event fired when the user clicks on the picture
Picture.onDoubleClick() Event fired when the user doubleclicks on the picture
Picture.onContext() Event fired when the user right-click on the picture
Picture.onHover() Event fired when the user moves the mouse over the picture
Picture.onLeave() Event fired when the mouse leaves the picture
Picture.onCreate() Event fired when the Picture has just been created
Property Description Access Type
Picture.x Get/set the Picture horizontal position readwrite number
Picture.y Get/set the Picture vertical position readwrite number
Picture.width Get/set the Picture's width readwrite number
Picture.height Get/set the Picture's height readwrite number
Picture.cursor Get/set the image of the mouse cursor as it hovers over the picture readwrite string
Picture.enabled Controls whether the picture responds to mouse and other events readwrite boolean
Picture.visible Controls whether the Picture appears onscreen readwrite boolean
Picture.parent Get the Picture's parent widget readonly Window | Groupbox | Tab
Picture.tooltip Get/set the Picture tooltip text readwrite string
Method Description Return value
Picture.constructor() Picture object constructor Picture
Picture.load() Load the Picture image from disk boolean
Picture.save() Save the Picture image to disk boolean
Picture.resize() Resize the Picture -
Picture.align() Align the Picture relative to its parent -
Picture.center() Centers the Picture on the parent widget -
Picture.show() Shows the Picture -
Picture.hide() Hides the Picture -