Please follow this steps to install Luart on Windows

Luart installation is rather simple, thanks to its specific Windows installer (built with Luart !).


  • Download the Luart setup file and double-click on it
  • Click on the "Install LuaRT" button
  • Select a directory where to install Luart (Creating a new directory is recommended)
  • Upon completion, you are notified that the installation was successful


  • To upgrade a previous installation, select the same folder during installation
  • The setup file installs Luart only for the current user
  • The setup file creates shortcuts in the Windows Start menu for Luart documentation, Quickrt and Luart Studio
  • You will need Administrator rights to install Luart in a protected folder (such as "Program Files"). In this case, execute the setup file using right-click then choose "Execute as administrator"