Comprehensive Windows framework to develop in Lua
modules > ui > colordialog

ui.colordialog ( [color])

Displays a dialog box for the user to choose a color.



An optional number that indicates the current color in the dialog.

Return value

This function returns a number representing a RGB color (one byte per primary color), or nil if no color have been choosen.
A RGB color can be represented as an hexadecimal number : 0xRRGGBB, RR meaning a 8bit hexadecimal red value and so on.


local ui = require "ui"

-- open a dialog to choose a color
local color = ui.colordialog()

-- check if a color have been choosen
if color ~= nil then
	-- output color value
	local msg = "Color : 0x"..string.format("%06X", color).."\nRed : #"..string.format("%02X", (color>>16)&0x0FF).."\nGreen : #"..string.format("%02X", (color>>8)&0x0FF).."\nBlue : #"..string.format("%02X", color&0x0FF)